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Professional Decluttering Coach

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Is it really possible to live in a home that is restful, managed and maintained?

Chances are, if you're visiting this page, you are curious about making a difference inside your home to allow calmness and peace to dwell in harmony with the people that live there.

So how does it happen?

The methods I have learned over the past few years led me to fully declutter my home and in turn allow my family more freedom for time together, as our home now functions through maintenance and no longer cluttered chaos.

Want to hear my story? Read on.

My home has had rooms filled to the brim with odds & ends, not knowing what to do with items that I "may need it some day" or I "have no place for it but I want to keep it..."

That is until I spent a few days on a cruise ship (aaaah... I can feel the warm breeze / hear the island music playing and picture that crystal clear water) and as I was gazing out at the water, a thought came to my mind.

"If this ship were to go down, and we were lost at sea, our family would have to deal with all of our mess back home!"

As morbid as that sounds, it was a springboard for me to come home and truly deal with our excess, once and for all.

That was August 2018, and to be honest, I have not looked back except to beam with pride at what I have accomplished.

I referred to my basement laundry room as our "underbelly" but once I had completed this room, I soon gained momentum to tackle the other rooms in my home.

Over the course of the next nine months I slowly (yet steadily) decluttered every area in our home.

Over 200 bins / boxes / totes / bags and their contents were decluttered out of our home.

I joined Declutter My Home with Sarah Mueller on Facebook at the beginning of my journey, and I soon realized the methods taught in that group - - ten minutes at a time / nothing will be "perfect" / keep going even if you don't want to / take photos along the way - - definitely shifted my thinking and allowed me to be in control and in charge of the future of my home. It no longer controlled me.

In the end of 2018, I signed on as a team member/admin staff and Miracle Call host on Zoom through the membership group, Organize My Home. That is when the awakening of my passion for helping others reclaim their homes really took off.

We staged our home to sell in the summer of 2019 and we received a full-priced offer within 8 hours of the first showing. I believe it was thanks in part to the massive decluttering efforts I was able to perform.

So why am I sharing all of this with you, you may ask??

I believe in the Decluttering School philosophy and its ability to change lives and homes all over the world. It has shaped me into a person with a desire to help others change their lives and homes as well.

I have been trained as a Professional Decluttering Coach by Sarah Mueller, creator of Decluttering School through a program specializing in helping others (like you!) to find calmness and peace inside their homes using the methods I have learned.

I am still active in the membership group as a Miracle Call host / admin / cheerleader. I am eager to grow by branching out on my own.

It's time for me to pass this knowledge on.

I have started my own Professional Decluttering Coach business and am eager to embark on this journey.

For a limited time, I am offering a FREE Sample Session (15 minutes) for one-on-one Declutter Coaching. Most people may be curious as to what a Decluttering Coach does, so with this sample session, you will get a glimpse into an appointment and I'll share with you more details about what a full session entails.

In a FULL one-on-one coaching session, you will receive:
A private, 45 minute coaching session via Zoom that will cover topics such as motivation, feeling “stuck”, overwhelm or making the final push to finish a decluttering project.

You will also receive a follow-up email with any notes I take or links we talk about. You’ll be able to book a FREE 15 minute follow-up session on Zoom to check in / share progress and wins. This will be completed within 2 weeks of the 45 minute coaching appointment.

Will you join me?

Here is a link to schedule your personalized, private one-on-one session:

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